My friend’s little sister (21?) is getting married this weekend. It’s a little mindblowing.  But more importantly, my gal is coming back to Ontario from Calgary for a little less than a week and on Tuesday we’re gonna do a whirlwind trip to London to visit the other member of our trio.  I miss them both so much.  It’s going to be worth the gallons of coffee I will have to drink at 5 am on Wednesday morning for work.

Heart burn makes me feel old.  We made the absolute best spicy hashbrowns with bacon to go with a massive feta/tomato/spinach omelette yesterday.  I finished the leftovers for lunch, followed by coffee, and now I’m distinctly uncomfortable :/


the noise i make when i hear/read a pun directly corrolates with how good/awful the pun is

the higher and screechier the noise the better the pun

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Had suchhhh a wonderful day.  After we parted ways this afternoon, le boy finally got his paws on Lumberjanes 2 for me so I can actually read the rest of the ones I have!  He also picked up Bodies, which sounds like a wicked time travelling murder mystery that I’m very excited for.  Definitely makes up for having to schlep two loads of laundry on the bus to a laundromat.

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what to look for in a man


  1. James Dean on the streets

  2. James Deen in the sheets
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DIY Scarf Kimono Tutorial from Dat Zit Wel Snor. Easiest and best explained tutorial I’ve seen for this summer staple - the scarf kimono.

Mini Kimono Roundup here.

Made a kimono with the top most tutorial and now I want to make a hundred of them/wear them everyday.

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I kinda want to bleach the ends of my hair and dye them navy blue, since they’re already damaged and I plan to get a haircut just before september anyway.  But of course it costs money to do that stuff. -_-“

Yup absolutely would get a cold and my period the one weekend I’m finally off of work and planning to spend time at the cottage with family and away with friends.

  • Me: But I have about fifty books at home I haven't read, there's no reason for me to buy these.
  • My brain: Okay, but consider this: more books.
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